I am a teenager (I don't want to list my age because my phone and email which == sensitive information) by the name of Charlie Porth and I love technology, science, software, hardware, biking, hunting, fishing, camping, picking up trash, helping others with electronics and being outside at my cabin, (I know what you're thinking a odd group of things to like I think that too but I love the outdoors), (quoting my parents) "I've been doing electronics stuff since I could walk" but not literally of course. I have a vast knowledge and absolutely suck at spelling and grammar so on my engish behalf I am sorry, I know stuff about Motherboards, PSU, OC, DDOS, hacking, Arduino, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Eclipse, RAM, CPU, HDD, SSD, SATA, USB, HDMI, Android, iPhone, Apple, Mac, iPods, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Smart Watch, SmartGlass, LG, Logitech, Smart Phones, Smart TVs, TVs,Sharp, Nexus, Firefox, Firefox OS, Fire TV, Apple TV, Amazon, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, A/V receivers, Directv, Comcast, Chromecast, Android Auto, Android Wear, Android TV, Infinity (Cars)(the console), BMW (the console), Mini Cooper (the console), (the console), Audi (the console), Sound cards, PLDs, CPLDs, SPLDs, FPGAs, circuit logic, logic, DLBs, CMD, Terminal, Linux Terminal graphic cards, chipsets, Rasbin, Apple Airport, Linksys, HP, Beats, Monster, Razer, Visual C, Visual C++, Chrome, any Google product, Anker, Skullcandy, Nokia, batteries, circuits, snap circuit, programing in HTML, JAVA, C++, C, Python, Unity, Chrome OS, Chromebooks, Acer, ASUS, DigiKey, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Kali, Linux, Unix, OSX, IOS, Nexus, Motorola, Google, Dell, Sparkfun, Steam, Steam OS, Make, Makezine, Modding and hacking, making stuff better (cheaper, faster, easier), I think you get the point I have a very unique type of mind so if you're in doubt just try and contact me I might just know what you need/want.